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FundElert is a prudent, consistent and convenient solution for protecting your money.

About FundElert

Based in Charlottesville, Virginia, FundElert provides consistent protection against the devastatingly large losses that can strike at any time!

FundElert was formed to make available to the investing public, the same protection that we previously offered only to America's financial advisors.

Adhering to the FundElert signals will significantly minimize the mutual fund losses associated with a bear market that occurs on average once every 5 1/2 years and steals an average of 33% from your investment portfolio or retirement account.

FundElert is not affiliated with nor receives funding from any mutual fund manufacturer or distributor. We have nothing to promote, except the well-being of our subscribers.

Our proprietary formula, which has been successfully protecting the mutual fund portfolios of advisor clients since 1997, is the creation of noted mutual fund expert Jeff McTague.

See for yourself

Jeff is a thirty-year veteran of the financial services industry and has spent the last decade lecturing on his unique mutual fund investment philosophy and process to some of America's leading financial services firms, including Ameriprise, CIBC, Legg Mason, Raymond James, RBC Wealth Management, SunTrust, Transamerica and Wells Fargo Advisors.

Share Your Story

If you have been a victim of a misguided buy and hold investment strategy, or if FundElert has been successful in helping protect your investment, we all benefit from hearing your experience.

"Fund managers promised they would keep an eye on the market for my client accounts, but in hindsight, they did not sell anything as a result of a falling market.  So I moved my clients to defined money managers, who promised to shepherd my client portfolios, but they never sold anything either.  Now I use FundElert to do it myself." - Paul Harris, Financial Advisor, Sarasota FL




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