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How do you know FundElert will work for me?

What if I want to get out of FundElert?

Does FundElert work for individual stocks?

What should I pick to monitor , the specific funds that I own or the indexes that represent my funds?

Does FundElert work with variable annuities?

What are the tax consequences of FundElert's signals?

Does the discount for paying annually mean I do not pay for the first two months?

Explain the money-back guarantee

Since many funds have multiple share classes, does FundElert track them all?

What do I do with a FundElert signal to Sell & Avoid?

What charges do I face when I Sell & Avoid?

Which types of accounts benefit most from FundElert?

Which types of accounts benefit least from FundElert?

Define a bear market.

How is FundElert different from a market timing service?

I was always told that the best strategy was a buy & hold? Is it not?

Does FundElert offer volume purchase discounts?

What do you mean when you say that the return with FundElert is less risky?

Can I really quit FundElert at any time?

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