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FundElert is a prudent, consistent and convenient solution for protecting your money.

How FundElert Works

Think of FundElert as a "smoke detector" for your mutual funds that senses danger and immediately alerts you to take action to protect your investment and more importantly, your plans.  A bear market occurs every 5.5 years, stealing 33% of your portfolio value.

Using its tested and proven proprietary formula, FundElert monitors the changing value of each available mutual fund and ETF.  When a pattern develops that indicates the probability of a severe downturn in the market, FundElert automatically warns you via email or text message.  The warning suggests you take action by moving out of the affected funds and into the firm's money market fund, which is not directly affected by the stock market's movements.  When conditions change, indicating the downturn has passed, FundElert lets you now that it is safe to move back into the mutual funds.  Its that simple!

Proprietary FundElert Formula

The proprietary analysis that is FundElert has been used by investment professionals since 1997 to protect their clients' investment portfolios from the devastation of major downturns in the market.  Now FundElert's market timing indicators are available to protect your mutual fund or ETF investments. 

FundElert's investment monitoring discipline has been proven effective when applied to various stock market periods over the past 80 years.   Enjoy the benefits of mutual fund investing in good markets and protect yourself from the ravages of the stock market's all too frequent bear markets.

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